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Liver Supplements

Liver care supplements for pets are specially formulated to support and maintain the health of the liver. It promotes detoxification, aid in the metabolism of nutrients, and protect the liver from potential damage caused by toxins, medications, or certain medical conditions.


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Liver Care Syrup



Liver thistle extract- It help protect and regenerate liver cells, promote detoxification, and support overall liver function in pets.

Lecithin- Lecithin in pet supplements aids in promoting healthy brain function and supporting overall cognitive health.

Vitamin B12- It supports healthy nervous system function and red blood cell production.

Packaging: 200 ml Bottle

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Liver Tonic & Appetizer



Alpinia galangal- It support digestion and provide anti-inflammatory benefits for pets.

Trikatu- It support digestive health and aid in the absorption of nutrients.

Terminalia bellirica- It have various potential health benefits for pets, including digestive support and antioxidant properties.

Packaging: 200 ml Bottle

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