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Renal Supplements

Renal care supplements for pets are specially formulated to support kidney health and function. These supplements typically contain a combination of ingredients that help maintain proper kidney function, promote urinary tract health, and provide overall renal support.


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Utri Care Tablet



Pumpkin seed powder- It support urinary and digestive health.

Saw palmetto extract-It has potential benefits on prostate health and urinary tract function.

Ascorbic acid- It support their immune system and overall health.

Packaging: 60/120 Tablets HDPE Bottle

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Kidney Care Tablet



Potassium citrate- It support urinary health and manage kidney stone formation.

Lecithin- Lecithin in pet supplements aids in promoting healthy brain function and supporting overall cognitive health.

Dimethyl glycine- It support immune function and improve overall health in animals.

Packaging: 60/120 Tabs in HDPE Bottle

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Nephro Care Tablet

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Inositol- It support healthy nerve function and promote overall well-being.

Nettle- It have potential of anti-inflammatory and allergy-relief properties

Vitamin B6- It support overall health and promote essential functions like metabolism, immune system function, and nervous system health.

Packaging: 60/120 Tablets HDPE Bottle

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