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Animal Nutrition-Aniamor

The Delhi Animal Welfare Board has been constituted by Delhi's Development Minister, Gopal Rai, to address and prevent cruelty to animals in the city. The decision was made following a high-level review meeting with officials from the Animal Husbandry Department at the Delhi Secretariat. The board aims to work towards the prevention of cruelty to animals and ensure their well-being in Delhi.


The Animal Welfare Board consists of 27 members divided into 19 categories, including MLAs (Members of Legislative Assembly), individuals actively involved in animal welfare work, senior officials from the relevant department, and representatives from organizations such as the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), gaushalas (cow shelters), and the Animal Welfare Board of India.


One of the initiatives of the board is to accelerate the construction of Delhi's first veterinary college. The college is planned to be built on 56 acres of land in Satbari, Delhi. It aims to provide modern training facilities and contribute to the field of veterinary science. The veterinary college will play a crucial role in safeguarding the welfare of domestic animals and cattle, as well as monitoring and managing zoonotic diseases that can affect both animals and humans.


Additionally, the Animal Welfare Board will offer financial and technical assistance to organizations involved in animal welfare work across the 11 districts of Delhi. The board will function as a governing body and ensure strict compliance with animal welfare laws in the city.


These developments have come in response to reports concerning the killing of stray dogs in Delhi. The establishment of the Animal Welfare Board and the construction of the veterinary college highlight the government's commitment to animal welfare and the importance of veterinary science in addressing the needs of both animals and humans in the city.

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