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According to reports, a new provision has been introduced by the Ministry of Railways whereby pet owners can bring their dogs and cats wherever they go. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, IRCTC, will allow the booking of online tickets for pets. IRCTC will allow the booking of pet tickets through an online reservation system for AC1 class trains, together with Train Ticket Examiners' ability to book pets on board. At stops, passengers are allowed to feed their pets water, food and other items.


 With the IRCTC website, passengers will be able to purchase tickets for dogs online via mobile or desktop once a train first chart has been prepared which shall apply if confirmation of passenger ticket is made. According to media reports, they shall be booked and transported under the goods train when talking about large domestic animals such as horses, cows, etc. The responsibility for any damage to these animals shall lie solely with the passenger.


Earlier, carrying a pet was a hectic process where passengers were only allowed to book AC 1 tickets, cabins or coupes, and reserve the whole cabin through parcel booking counters on the day of travel. Passengers were also permitted to pack their pet and put it on the back of a second class luggage or brake van. In order to mitigate this inconvenience, an electronic booking system for animal travel will soon be implemented by the Ministry of Railways.


Indian Railway Corporation's guide to bringing pets on the train-


  • Go to the IRCTC website for booking tickets online and obtain a copy of them. All the necessary vaccinations should be given to your pet in full.

  • Do carry the reports of the vaccines. Before you leave, obtain a signed vet's fitness certificate 24 hours before departure.

  • The characteristics of the breed, color and sex of the animal shall also be specified in the certificate. Make sure that you have all the necessary identification documents.

  • Take your pet to the luggage office 3 hrs prior departure for booking. This step is for all, whether one has a PRS ticket via a booking counter or online. 

  • For the passenger name record PNRP, only one pet shall be permitted. 

  • For AC Tier One or Class 1 Coupe, payment of the applicable fees is required. Remember, pets must not be carried in the compartments of AC2 tier, AC3 tier,AC car,seat class,sleeper class and Second Class.

  • In order to provide the animal with comfort, you must carry food, water or whatever else is necessary. 

  • If any co-passenger complaints about your pet’s behavior, then the pet will be removed immediately. 

  • Passengers shall pay six times the nominal fee of 30 if they are carrying their animal with no booking or necessary documents.

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